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Hai Hai! Mizuiro Life
(Hai Hai! Mizuiro Raifu)
Original Run???
Opening SongRebirth
Ending SongGo Go! Harmony♪

Hai Hai! Mizuiro Life (はいはい!水色ライフ Hai Hai! Mizuiro Raifu, lit. Yes Yes! Water-Colored Life) is Cure Believe's first fanime on this wiki and overall, combining a slice of life theme with a rebirth of her favorite anime character.


Shinkiro Marine is quite a cheerful, funny, and sweet thirteen year old student, aiming for her dream to become a fashion model with help from others. Nothing could go wrong --- except for the fact she actually used to be someone else, and she does not want to speak about it. With a combination of slice of life and rebirth, Marine always has everyday adventures, and finds out some new things about everyone that might change her life...


Shinkiro Marine (蜃気楼マリン Shinkirō Marin)
The main character of the fanime, Marine appears cold and distant but is actually very funny and sweet. Her mother is known for being a comedian and teacher so she believes she inherited that talent from her. She aims to become a fashion model to make up for something in the past that she had always talked about when younger and easily remembers. On the other hand, she can be quite upset and, when asked what is wrong, won't respond.

  • She is the only character who has no secret revealed. Hers was already revealed in the first episode as being the reincarnation of Cure Marine Mirage. Thus, her name translates to a similar meaning.

Aki Akane (秋茜 Aki Akane)
Akane is a polar opposite of Marine --- she appears very sweet but is actually quite cold towards others with the exception of close friends and family. She wants to change her personality, though, but she does not think it will be possible in a quick amount of time. Later in the fanime, she always comes to school in a bad mood, usually crying, but says nothing is wrong.

  • Secret Revealed: Akane's behavior derives from the least expected reason: she is the reincarnation of Cure Blossom Mirage.

Amaterasu (天照 Amaterasu)
Simply referred by her first name only, Amaterasu is a hyper friend of Akane's. She always asks why Akane acts two different ways and is trying to research for an answer. She is usually not treated harshly by Akane, but this does not keep Amaterasu from worrying about her.

  • Secret Revealed: The reason Amaterasu is called by her first name only is because her family forgot to put her last name on the enrollment sheet. Her last name is actually Maki.

Unnamed Characters (as of now)

  • A character intended to be Marine's mother and homeroom teacher
  • A friend, presumably Marine's best friend, who constantly worries about her
  • A character intended to be Akane's mother and is concerned about her daughter's behavior