Hoshizora Kanata
Kanji 星空 カナタ
Romaji Hoshizora Kanata
Age 15
Gender Female
Ocupation Student and Idol
Blood Type 0
Height 166 cm
Relatives Hoshizora Yuko (mother)

Hoshizora Yukito (father)

Hoshizora Max (younger brother)

First Appearance
Debut Aidoru to koi no pawa! episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
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 Hoshizora Kanata is one of main characters of MoonlightRainbow's fan made anime Aidoru to koi no pawā! She is 15 years old student of Shiny Academy, school for idols.


Kanata is friendly girl who is always trying her best to become top idol. She is trraining a lot, often with her friends Haruka, Rei and Ran. She is very talented for music - she is great singer and can play piano, guitar, violin and flute. She is also very clever and good at sports. She is very popolar idol but after she fell in love with Tomoya she wasn't sure what is the most important thing to her anymore.



Misumi Tomoya - Tomoya is boy, Kanata met and fell in love with, but she need long time to notice it. After she does, she isn't sure if she should stop being idol or forget about her feelings for Tomoya.

Yukishiro Haruka - Haruka is Kanata's best friend. They met each other when they were 8 years old and find out that they are both interested in idols. After that they did everything together and both tried to become students of Shiny Academy. They were both accepted and now they are working hard together every day.

Madoka Rei - Rei is girl that became student of Shiny Academy at same time as Haruka and Kanata. 

Midorikawa Ran - Kanata was big fan of Ran when she first time saw her as model when they were 8 years old. After she became student of Shiny Academy, Kanata tried to become firends with Ran. She refused at begining but later she changed her mind.

Yumekawa Eri - Eri is top idol of Shiny Academy and Kanata wants to become like her one day. Eri often gives her advice but also reminds her, that she'll have to work hard to get to her position.