This is the english dub version of Idol Princesses! which is created by CureKanade. The theme is still the same and some episodes may be the same.

Edit and Changes

Main Names Changes

Kaede Soyokaze → Autumn Breeze

Nozomi Shikisai → Dream Adams

Kaoru Tasogare → Dawn Johnson

Rei Yoake → Rachel Host

Yayoi Tsukikage → Spring Armstrong

Yutaro Shirokawa → Jaye Whiteman

Eika Kakikomi → Erica Collins

Sawaru Shikke → Sarah Stryder

Aya Hino → Ariel Taylor

Makoto Hino → Matthew Taylor

Series-wise Changes

  • Kaoru is still rude in this version but her dirty thoughts on Yutaro are edited out since it is a bit rude for kids under 13 years.

Episode List

1. Talent Contest

2. Two more members join

3. Contest has arrived!

4. The winners

5. Scouted.