This is a list of episode from Idol Princesses!

Episode # Title Song Air Date
01 Gakkō de tarento· kontesuto? No ni sanka shimashou​​!
"A Talent Contest at school? Let's join!"
??? 2013-05-19
Kaede and Nozomi find out about the talent contest and find three other people to join the their group. They can't find anyone and the contest is in a months time. They eventually get one person, which is Kaoru, to join by the end of the episode.
02 Rei-chan wa Yayoi to tomoni gurūpu ni sanka!
"Rei-chan joins the group along with Yayoi!"
CHANGE!!! 2013-05-26
Kaede, Nozomi and Kaoru are practicing in the music room when the door is slamed open by Rei. Rei finds out what is going on and joins the group. Next day, Yayoi bumps into Kaede who asks her to join their group for the talent contest. Yayoi joins and eventually they have a song to sing. The episode ends with the girls singing CHANGE!!
03 Kontesuto no hi ga tōchaku shimashita! Chokuzen no u~ōmuappu.
"Day of contest has arrived! Last minute warm-ups."
CHANGE!!! 2013-06-02
The girls are seen practicing very hard for the contest. Kaede tells everybody to stop and go home and rest. The day of the contest arrives and the girls are all very nervous. Kaede sleeps in and fails the exam for english, Nozomi fails her exam, Kaoru lets her sport team down, Rei acts clumsy and Yayoi stuffs up her singing practice each time. They meet at the hall where the contest is being held and see how nervous they all are. Kaede's mum tells the girls to do their best and says thats its okay to be nervous. The girls agree and practice once more before the contest. They are called out for the contest and get up and sing.
04 Un! Jushō-sha ga happyō sa rete imasu!
"Yes! The winners are announced!"
CHANGE!!! 2013-06-09
The episodes starts with the girls singing CHANGE!!! really well. A man is standing at the back of the hall talking to a woman. The girls come of stage happy and excited. Yayoi is jumping about and Kaoru is trying to shut her up. They watch the other contestants do their talent and watch the judges write down stuff on a sheet of paper. An hour later, the judges finally get on stage to announce the winners. They say how well everyone did but there is only one winner. The girls brace themselves while the judges take their time announcing the winners. When they say that Kaede's group won, Kaoru and Rei are the first of the group to walk up on stage. Kaede, Nozomi and Yayoi run over to join them in getting their prize.
05 Watashitachiha aidorugurūpudearu koto ga sukautingu sa rete?
"We are scouted to be an idol group?"
CHANGE!!! 2013-06-16
06 Watashitachi no bando-mei? Bando-mei no minasan o kangaeru!
"Our band name? Think of a band name everyone!"
--- 2013-06-23