Komatta Yuko! (困った友好! Komatta Yūkō! lit. Troubled Friendship!) is the seventh fanmade anime created by Cure Lucky.


5 teenagers got asked what person they can imagine as a perfect friend. At first, it didn't seem to be such a trouble... But their future friends turned out to be the opposites of each one's expectations. Now, all 10 of them live in the same house, their mission being to befriend each other, realizing what they really neaded and what the true friendship means.


(NOTE: Info will be updated...)

Ryota Hanzaki
Ryota is a 15 year old cheerful and friendly, yet diligent boy who admires heroic people and wants oneday become like them. Unfortunely, he gets too fanatic and forgets about his own specialities, trying to be more like someone he is parodying. Ryota described his perfect friend as someone brave, strong and always eager to save someone or run into adventures, but gets Shiro, a complete opposite of this.

Shiro Hirasawa
Shiro is a 15 year old scaredy-cat who is, however, stubborn and lazy. He seems to be a brat, but he is also low-esteemed and unconfident in himself.

Umeko Hagane
Umeko is a 16 year old strict and self-disciplined girl who looks younger than her age. She considers her cute and bubbly side as a weakness, so tries to act differently and erase it. Umeko discribed her perfect friend as someone reserved, mature and devoted to rules, but gets Masato, a complete opposote of this.

Masato Yotsuba

Nagisa Ryuunosuke

Miku Shiroyuki

Yoshiro Nonaka

Hideo Matsuda

Others soon...