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Rainbow Academy is the mysterious school. No one knows where it is but everyone knows that something is special about this school. It's more than two hundred years old. One day Misumi Ichigo ran in one of Rainbow Academy students and before she knew she became student of Rainbow Academy. She found out, that Rainbow Academy is all girls school, that help girls to work hard for their dreams. There are Primary school, Middle school, High school and college sections. Ichigo soon found new friends and started to search for mysteries in the school. 


Main characters

Misumi Ichigo - Ichigo is 13 years old girl. She loves sweets. Her dream is to become Fashion Designer and she always worked hard for this dream. She always helps others with their dreams and a lot of times want to found out about mysteries. Because of that she fall in trouble a lot. 

Hanasaki Yumeko - Yumeko is 13 years old girl. She started to went to Rainbow Academy at the beging of Primary school, because she always knew that she want to be an actrees. She met Ichigo one day and she was sure, that she is right for Rainbow Academy. Yumeko is kind and friendly girl. Her friends can always trust her, she  never betray her friend. Just like Ichigo she loves searching for mysteries.

Mizuki Ran - Ran is quiet and mysterius 13 years old girl. She was usually alone until she suddenly became friends with Ichigo, Yumeko and others. Just like Yumeko she started to went to Rainbow Academy at the begining of Primary school. Her dream is to become a violinist. She practice a lot. After she became friends with others they found out, that she is friendly girl, but don't trust others often. 

Midorikawa Hikari - Hikari is 13 years old girl and one of Ichigo and Yumeko's classmates. She is shy and quiet girl, but also loves to talk. She started to went to Rainbow Academy one year before Ichigo. Her dream is to become a writer. 

Himeno Aria - Aria is 14 years old girl. She is great at art and dreams to become an artist. She is friendly and have a lot of friends. 

More coming soon... 

Other students