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Shining Stars
(Shainingu Sutāzu)
NetworkTV Kanade
Opening SongWatashi no uta
Ending SongIma, watashitachi wa kagayakimasu!
Shining Stars (シャイニングスターズ Shainingu Sutāzu) is a Japanese idol anime created by CureKanade.


Shining Stars Episodes

Idols all over the world have been popular for over 100 years, so now in the year 2114, a first year high schooler named Ayase Nagisa has decided to live up to her dream of becoming an idol. But first she must train to become an idol and gather a team of girl to join her in becoming the next idols of Japan. But being an idol isn't fun and games.


Magical Stars

Ayase Nagisa (綾瀬なぎさ Ayase Nagisa)
Voice Actress: Kotono Mitsuishi

Aida Yuki (相田ゆき Aida Yuki)
Voice Actress:' Nana Mizuki

More Magical Stars to be added

Friends and families




These are the list of songs that the Magical Stars sing. Anything in brackets means it is the translation of the song.

More songs to be added)