Shiny Idol is MoonlightRainbow's fan series that has more seasons. Story is about girls who wants to become Shiny Idols, special idols that appear in this anime. 


Shiny Idol Shining Dream

Harukaze Aria used to be normal 14 years old girl, but one day she met Aino Melody and clumsy Shiny Idol Ayuzawa Haruko and become Shiny Idol heself along with Melody. At Pretty Shine Agency they also meet Harune Daisy and Mimori Rose, later five girls are also joined by Tsukikage Sunny. Girls are appearing on Shiny Stages where they use Shiny Specials and are training to become Shining Heart Queens. Tittle is Shining Dream is named from Premium Shining Special, Shiny Special that only three Shiny Idols were able to do it before.

Shiny Idol Rainbow Secret

Shiny Idol Rainbow Secret takes place one month after Shiny Idol Shining Dream. 

Shiny Idol Future Heart

Shiny Idol Lovely Adventure


  • This series might be similiar to some other idol anime, especially Pretty Rhythm.